Stenciling Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies Tutorial


How to Stencil Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies

In this tutorial you will learn how easy and fun it is to make your own decorated chocolate covered sandwich cookies, using our cookie stencils.

With our cookie stencils, anyone can now quickly and easily make decorated chocolate covered sandwich cookies in just three easy steps!

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Place Stencil

Step One

Position the stencil onto the chocolate covered sandwich cookie, and hold it firmly in place.

Tip: A thin film of Crisco can be applied to the stencil which will help it stay in place.

Note: Our Stencil Sandwich Cookie Molds are made made specifically for the stenciling process with a large perfectly flat area to position the stencil onto.

Fill Stencil

Step Two

Fill in the stencil with royal icing, melted candy melts, or candy writers, and swipe it level with a spatula.

You can use many other things to fill the stencil with as well, powdered sugar, sanding sugar, luster dust, etc!


Step Three

Lift the stencil and voila, an amazingly detailed chocolate covered sandwich cookie that fast and easy!

Whether you're decorating just a few chocolate covered cookies or hundreds, our stencils make the process fast, easy, and fun!